Screw Counter - SCOUT Ⅲ Detailed Description Input power DC12~24V, 3A Available tools : KT, FT, ET, HTC,YFC ※ KT-38D with ver.lower than v4.3 can not be used. No of Program 9999 programs Count number 9999 for each program Screwdriver port 2 ports (RJ-45) Com port : 1 x RS232C, 1 x


Screw Counter - SCOUT Ⅱ Detailed Description Input power : 30~40VDC from KT-38D(FT-40D) External power of 24VDC, 1A for Hybrid controller Available tools KT-38D, FT-40D, HDC-30i, HDC-40i No of Program 8 programs Count number 99 for each program Screwdriver port ports for KT-38D (FT-40D) port for HDC-30i, HDC-40i Com port RS232C,