August 2015

New YF screwdriver

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In order to improve the torque accuracy of the current YF screwdriver, we replaced design of clutch with more powerful 4 pole BLDC motor. This new screwdrivers will be launched from September 1, 2015

March 2015

HD and NF series Upgrade

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To improve durability of rotating Bit socket with double bearing system. Upgraded HD ( Except for HDA, HD081, HD080C) and NF Series will be produced and dispatched from 1st Jan,2015.

February 2015

Password recovery

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Connect PC software (Hi Manager or Smart Manager) Click File > Save menu on the menu bar → Save the parameter settings ( file format : ???.csv ) Open the file " HdcParameter.csv " on

July 2014

SDC V2 new feature

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More intelligent SDC V2 has been replaced from JULY 1st, 2014. It is 100% compatible with all of SD-series driver. Before After Controller SDC-24 SDC-24 V2 Available driver SD070,120,200,300,600,1000 SAME SDA070,120,200,300,600,700 SD120Z, 200Z,