Project Description

Air Angle Nutrunners – AS, AN, AY

Detailed Description

Fiam screwdrivers/nutrunners without clutch are simple and practical tightening solutions: the air motor is directly connected by means of adapters to the accessory (bit, socket, etc.) working on the screw. The torque applied can be adjusted by regulating the air feed pressure. These screwdrivers/nutrunners don’t generate vibrations,  guaranteeing the operator’s comfort. They are very versatile solutions as they can tighten screws
with different diameters on different joints. Pistol grip models are widely used for the assembly of wood, plastic, sheet metal furniture etc., and wherever self-threading, self-drilling and wood screws of different lengths and dimensions are used. Angle models are indispensable when working in areas of limited space or restricted access.

How to start and Model