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New YF screwdriver

In order to improve the torque accuracy of the current YF screwdriver, we replaced design of clutch with more powerful 4 pole BLDC motor. This new screwdrivers will be launched from September 1, 2015 The following models will be discontinued accordingly - YF30N, YF30NP, YF45N, YF45NP, YF90N, YFA30N, YFA45N, YFA90N The main

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HD and NF series Upgrade

To improve durability of rotating Bit socket with double bearing system. Upgraded HD ( Except for HDA, HD081, HD080C) and NF Series will be produced and dispatched from 1st Jan,2015. Please see changed information as below. (It is just sample, HD150) Before  After   Before  After Before

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Password recovery

Connect PC software (Hi Manager or Smart Manager) Click File > Save menu on the menu bar → Save the parameter settings ( file format : ???.csv ) Open the file " HdcParameter.csv " on the microsoft Excel program. Read the parameter setting of password ( HDC-40i : P89, SDC-24, SDC-40 : P75, SCOUT II

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SDC V2 new feature

More intelligent SDC V2 has been replaced from JULY 1st, 2014. It is 100% compatible with all of SD-series driver. Before After Controller SDC-24 SDC-24 V2 Available driver SD070,120,200,300,600,1000 SAME SDA070,120,200,300,600,700 SD120Z, 200Z, 300Z Dimension / Weight 85 * 210 * 131.5 mm / 1.6 Kg SAME Code 1000553 SDC-24 [CE] 1000687 SDC-24

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